Adjustable beds made eazy

Adjustable beds from Eazybeds give you the quality, value and service you demand.

Eazybeds is a national manufacturer of electrically adjustable profiling beds. We have many years of experience. We only use the best materials in our luxury mattresses; the finest damask upholstery; and German motors that power the adjustable beds – so that you can get the best nights' sleep of your life.

Our beds can be made to any height, width or length. They can be crafted to your exact specification by our skilled engineers. With frames available for the larger person, we think we cover every option possible.

When you are deciding to purchase your adjustable bed we will ensure you get the best advice from trained staff in a retail facility within your local area. They will be able to answer a multitude of questions competently, and you will also benefit from being able to try a bed with someone present who has expert knowledge of adjustable beds.

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